The Talent

Screenplay by Tania Meneguzzi


Based on the novel by Carter


After being recruited to play for one of the nation’s top universities, a talented quarterback starts to party and soon becomes addicted to cocaine. When he’s eventually expelled, with both his career and his relationships on the line, a discovery about his deceased father’s identity suddenly changes his course and helps him begin the process of reclaiming his career.


The Talent Synopsis
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The Talent Script
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Based on the novella by Carter


An endearing story of companionship turns violent when a loyal and loving Boxer named “Jack” contracts rabies and terrorizes two young teens, who now must fight for their survival.


Jack Synopsis
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Jack Script
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The Show

An Animation screenplay


Based on the novella by Carter



Two dogs follow their dreams of being a police officer & a show dog. Rocky goes through the police academy & Molly through beauty school. Once childhood friends, the two buddies reconnect when Molly gets dognapped because of her beauty & congeniality. Rocky & his police squad must save his friend, so she can fulfill her dream of winning THE DOG SHOW.


The Show Synopsis
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The Show Script
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Time To Go 

Feature Screenplay 


A man struggling to cope with losing both his baseball career and best friend in a tragic car wreck 15 years earlier goes back in time to see what could have been, though staying may cost him everything.


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Feature Screenplay 


 After paparazzo Jeremy Wright is assigned a last-chance gig to cover a senator who is up for re-election, his life is upturned when he becomes entangled in an unscrupulous web of lies, affairs, and murder. 


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LEAP 229

Feature Screenplay 

A self-absorbed and wealthy businessman with a fateful predicament embarks on a journey with an unlikely partner to grant wishes for the terminall ill.



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